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Rick Grant


It takes courage to look deeply into your life. I have great respect for anyone who comes into therapy. Holding that respect and honor for you will continue throughout the time that we work together. We will proceed at a pace that is comfortable for you, with your input into what we discuss and why.

I will provide open and honest interactions with you as you build trust with me and my process. Then we can explore the things that have brought you to therapy.

My educational training at Seattle University has trained me in the spiritual as well as the psychological aspects of life. When appropriate and with your desire to do so; we will address you as a whole person: mind, body and spirit. We will explore the things that give your life meaning or work at surfacing and identifying those things; as well as the day to day struggles that you may have encountered. All of this with the intended goal of making life more fulfilling and meaningful for you.

I am thankful to be a therapist and will find it a privilege to work with you. Outside of counseling, I find enjoyment in freelance writing, where I have written articles about psychology, sports and humor. I am an avid tennis player and former college coach.

Treatment and Focus Areas


Populations Served

  • Adult individuals

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